Funny Cat Costume

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This Lion Mane Cat/Dog Costume Unleash the Beast!
It’s a One-Mane-Show!
Taking your dog out to a cosplay party? How about Halloween get-togethers? Want your dog to impress onlookers & judges at a dog show?
Well, it’s your pet dog’s big day, and you want to do everything in your power to make it better, don’t you? That’s exactly when a dog lion mane like this comes incredibly handy. In an instant, you can turn your cute dog into an impressive, full-maned lion.
It’s also very easy to put on & take off your dog.
With a single Velcro strap you can transform your common kitty into the King of the Jungle!
Perfect for parties, holidays and general home entertainment.
Soft, comfortable material will soothe the savage beast!