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 The back of the traceless silicone flower vase is made of nano-scale polymer materials. It seems that there are hundreds of thousands of suction cups, which will not fall after being adsorbed on a smooth surface. After pouring freshwater to plant real flowers, it is still stable.

Silicone Flower Vases is made of high-quality silicone and will not break. You don’t have to worry about children or pets being injured by breaking the vase. Don’t worry about destroying the integrity of the wall. Non-toxic and odorless, tear-resistant, long service life.

You only need to tear off the sticker on the flower vase back and clean the back and the surface to be adhered. You only need to wash the vase with water to reuse it. Buying one is equivalent to owning ten.

Small and convenient, bright colors, with flowers and artificial flowers, can instantly light up your room and life, keep your room in summer at all times. Suitable for any party, exhibition, wedding, vacation, home, and office decoration.

Before pasting the flower vase, please clean the back of the vase and the wall with a damp cloth!2. If there are any problems with the product, please contact us by email first, and we propose a satisfactory solution.