Baseus USB Type C HUB Docking Station

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  • ✔ 7 In 1 Phone Holder Charger Docking Station : TF card, SD card, Type-C charging, HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port. A lightweight combination of a docking station and a phone holder design made of ABS + aluminum alloy, compact but essential to your working efficiency.
  • ✔ High-speed Data Transmission: It can connect to USB flash drive, Card reader, Mouse, Gamepad, Hard disk drive and keyboard, and etc. Fast card reading, plug and read without a drive. Endless type-c power supply with 15W high power.NOTE: Please take off the phone case before using.
  • ✔ Connection with Other Devices: Connected to a mouse and keyboard, your phone can be used as a computer and you can edit documents faster. Besides, HDMI port can mirror the phone page to a computer. Large screen projection makes office work on a mobile phone more convenient.Note: only supports 1080p and is not 4k compatible(Depends on the resolution of mobile phone video output).
  • ✔ Highly Compatible: Compatible with Huawei Mate20/Pro, Huawei Mate10/Pro, Samsung S10/10+ and more type C devices.(Note:Samsung s series, devices before S10 may not be applicable)
  • ✔ Portable and Burdenless for Outings: Clamshell design, easy to be stored and packed anytime and anywhere. With silicone base, it can stands firmly, no tilting.